IoT Solutions World Congress: Key Takeaways

So here we go.  Here is my summary analysis of the IoT World Congress and Blockchain Conference that took place in Barcelona last week.  Let’s start off with the event and then I will go over the key takeaways.

This conference held in the Fira Barcelona convention center was the third incarnation of the IoT World Congress event.  Yes, it is a fledgling conference that has promise depending on how the IoT conversation evolves over the next couple of years.  For those of you who frequent MWC, the IoT event took up one hall, which is few compared to the six or seven halls that will be occupied by 120,000+ exhibitors and visitors in late February of 2018.

After a full schedule of IoT keynote speeches, sessions, labs and at least a hundred vendor interactions, I identified the following takeaways from my observations and copious notes.

2017 IoT Congress Key Takeaways

Despite all of the research and literature on the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT), it seems that things are just as confused as they were last year.  The clarity around IoT is, well, cloudy, much like cloud still is today.  Depending on the vendor, depending on the audience, the interpretation and perspectives on IoT differ quite a bit, even by admission of several of the keynote speakers and presenters.  I couldn’t agree with them more.

For business leaders, it is important to focus on the business value of IoT and not get confused by the semantic dissonance that is IoT.  This means stepping away from the techno-noise resonating in the IoT echo chamber and putting ideas first; ideas that drive innovation, not just improvement.  How far can you stretch your imagination and creativity in creating new customer and societal value?  Remember, the platforms and technologies are only the enablers, not the solution.

These are just the takeaways from the IoT World Congress.  I am happy to delve deeper into the six takeaways and provide insight into the supporting key findings and observations on an inquiry call.  Please message me and we can schedule a 1 to 2 hour session to address your specific questions.

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