My Music

Music is an important part of my life.  I have been playing music since I was 2 years old, or so I have been told.  I grew up on Hee Haw and my first guitar hero was Buck Owens, mostly because he had that really cool red, white and blue acoustic guitar.  I thought it was the best.

Music has been a blessing for me.  It has been an amazing channel for personal expression and a great teacher of life and art.  I have applied the lessons learned from my ongoing musical journey to the way I run teams, collaborate, innovate and create as a consultant and advisor to the world’s leading enterprises.  It has provided me with continual inspiration, a medium for invention and creativity, and a channel to express my passions and self in the form of craft and art.  I hope you enjoy some of the joy that music brings to life.

Get Out On Stage: Express Yourself

Yes, I was a bit nervous posting some of my live jam performances here, but as a musician you quickly learn the need to get on stage to make something happen.

As simple as this sounds, think about the first time you stepped up to the mic at a karaoke bar.  Unless you are one of those rare diva-types, there is a lot that goes through your head that work to keep you off the stage nursing that drink.  Fear, doubt, self-consciousness.  As you flip through the song book and contemplate the imminent reality of singing “Sweet Home Alabama” in front of a crowd of unknowns, you go through a lot of the emotions that many entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators go through when they contemplate expressing something that is different and new, something that might provoke or get challenged.  Something that might change the world.

To be honest, I went through those very emotions writing and publishing this page.  I had to remind myself of the first time I got on stage at a blues jam – just get up there and do your thing.  Try.  Show your art.  You won’t make a difference in the world practicing “Stairway To Heaven” in your bedroom.

Here is to all the brave entrepreneurs, business visionaries, and innovators who have the courage to express themselves in their art.

Time to jam!


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