Should Maxim switch to a new data plan?

By Marietta Geraldino

How do you solve linear equations with a variable on both sides? This video will show how to use linear equations with a variable on both sides to solve a data plan problem. The video also models how to solve equations that have no solution, one solution, and infinitely many solutions.

… because Math is beautiful!

How do we solve linear equations with one variable?

By Marietta Geraldino

How do you solve linear equations with one variable? How do you create linear equations to represent problem situations? How do you solve word problems?

This video will model two ways of solving a linear equation of one variable. It will show how to use Polya’s 4-step problem-solving approach to solve word problems.

… because Math is beautiful!

How do we find the maximum volume of a box?

By Marietta Geraldino

Do you want to learn the ‘maths’ behind creating an open box from a rectangle with squares cut out of the corners? If so, this video is for you. You will learn how to write the volume of the box as a function of x, find the domain of the function​ and describe the restrictions, find the dimensions of the square cut out, and determine the maximum volume of the box using graphical method and derivative.

… because Math is beautiful!

‘The Most Influential Teacher of the Year 2015 Awards’ conferred by the UNIFFIED and LC Legacy Foundation was held at the New York University Palladium, New York City on October 17, 2015.


L-R: LC Legacy Foundation Chair & UNIFFIED Founder Lumen Castaneda, US Pinoys for Good Governance Chair Atty. Loida Nicolas Lewis, OWWA Officer Pet Bergado, UNIFFIED Pres. Ronie Mataquel.

‘Most Influential Teacher Awards’ at the NYU Palladium

The Oath

~ Haim Ginott 

“I’ve come to a frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. It’s my personal approach that creates the climate. It’s my daily mood that makes the weather.

As a teacher, I possess a tremendous power to make a child’s life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or heal.

In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a child humanized or dehumanized.” 

The Inflection Point
Thank you Mr. Sealey for sharing this piece with  The Inflection Point. May this beautiful quote from Haim Ginott serve as an inspiration to teachers, as they’re preparing for the opening of the new school year.  


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