Welcome. Let’s Imagine.

Hi, my name is Leonard Lee.  I am 23-year veteran management consultant, musician, artist, world traveller and techno geek.  I have a passion for technology, business and art and studying how these three important aspects of our lives interplay with each other to improve the way we live and advance humanity.

I put this blog site together to provide a forum for constructive dialogue on the prevailing and emerging topics and trends in business, culture, economics, and the humanities.  My mission is to serve as a moderator and provocateur of what I hope is an insightful series of discussions that will help us arrive at new perspectives, and hopefully walk away enlightened and more informed.

This is a new blog site and is in state of early development, so please bear with me while I continue to add content and polish to the site.

I hope that you will join me on my quest.  I look forward to having some fun, enlightening conversations with all of you.

Thank you,

Leonard Lee